How to Use Story to Boost Your Youtube Views?

Are you the one wondering about how to boost your watch time on your YouTube videos? Or are you the one who wants to become more memorable to your viewers?

Mar 10, 2022 Youtube Marketing
How to Use Story to Boost Your Youtube Views?

Are you the one wondering about how to boost your watch time on your YouTube videos? Or are you the one who wants to become more memorable to your viewers? In either case, this article will help you discover a brief seven-step story framework for making effecting and engaging YouTube content that overall inspired actions. 

Undoubtedly, YouTube stories are a powerful way to create some emotional connections between the content you post and the viewers who watch time your videos. It also develops a unique connection between the viewers’ and the storytellers’ experiences. And also, if firsthand is the best way to experience something, then listening to a good and robust storyteller is the second-best way to have the same excellent experience. 

When you tell a good story, it overall lowers the viewers’ defense. The moment when a viewer taps to your videos, their guards are up against promotions, ads, and the catch. However, telling a superb story overall helps people to relax. This makes viewers lean back in their seats and carefully listen and enjoy the content and videos they consume. 

This whole experience has a huge impact on your brain chemistry. However, listening to an exceptional storyteller certainly releases chemicals in the brain that perfectly creates the reactions we hope our listeners and audiences will have. 

Some key elements every story should include:

Some key elements every story should include

Here are some of the essential elements that every story should include: 

  • Who is the character of your story?

The very first and foremost thing to analyze is who is the character of your story? Because in most cases, the character will be the person who records the video and talks in it. It could be you as a business owner or maybe as a marketer. It could also be the version of you that ideally matches your audiences; however, the most effective YouTube videos will get featured as the main and central character of the story. 

  • What do they want? 

This is the next important element, which is the key desire the main character is after. However, this might sound something very basic, such as a larger business, more sales, or understanding how to do something. Also, it does not have to be very complicated or difficult, but the simpler it is, the better. 

  • Why can’t they have what they want? 

Thoroughly think about what actually keeps the main character of your story from being able to have what they want to have. In simpler words, what are the primary obstacles that are blocking them from achieving the desired results they’re after? 

For instance, if you want to boost your sales but do not have more time and hours in a date to dedicate to your business. Or on the other hand, if you are trying to grow your following on the social media platforms but also getting stuck behind the complicated algorithm that contradictory advice searches stuff on the internet. 

Again, they do not tend to be complex or huge obstacles. However, they can be external obstacles, like lack of resources, low budget to spend, or even distractions. There could also be some internal problems, like time management, mindset block, or even self-doubt for doing something. 

  • What is at stake? 

What is at stake refers to what could happen if the characters do not get what they actually want from the audience. Just like in the movies, it could be something as dramatic as millions of other innocent people suffer. However, what is at stake for you does not precisely have to be someone’s life or death. 

In actuality, it could be something as simple as feeling guilty or getting embarrassed because it is something that you should absolutely have known before. Or it could also be something more serious, like losing your business or your life savings. 

  • What or who helps them get what they want? 

Once your targeted audiences know what is at stake and if they start to feel empathetic towards you – it means they are thoroughly invested in your stories and also want to see you come out the other hand – and this is the time to introduce the resource or a person that overall helps you out of the struggle. This could be your mentor or a guide, or it could also be a book, discovery, some motivational quote, or a formula that helps you find the answer you were after. 

  • How is the character transformed? 

And now, finally, audiences want to know more about how achieving that particular objective or goal transformed you as the main lead or the character of the story. Did it overall enhance your life? Did it boost your conversions and sales? If it did, how have that thing particularly impacted your business or your family? 

So, this is the part of the story where people reach a conclusion – overall, the emotionally satisfying ending that showcases the viewers what is possible and what they actually want to see as a happy ending of the story they have watched so far. 

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