How to Grow Your Tiktok Account 10 Tips?

Are you the one who really wants to grow a fan following on your TikTok account? Are you also looking for tips to get more followers, views, and engagements on your content?

Jul 01, 2022 Tiktok Marketing
How to Grow Your Tiktok Account 10 Tips?

Are you the one who really wants to grow a fan following on your TikTok account? Are you also looking for tips to get more followers, views, and engagements on your content?

If your answer is yes, this article will discover how to accelerate your TikTok profile growth perfectly, so keep reading the article! 

  • Post 4-8 times every day on TikTok:

The first strategy to make your account grow on the platform is by posting at least four to eight times a day. Posting this frequent is a great way that gives you a massive opportunity to reach multiple types of audiences, which ultimately helps you grow your account quicker. 

Also, make sure you bring some variety in the content you publish on your account every day. Sometimes you may also teach your audience how to do and discover something that is reacted to your niche. Or other times, you might just be funny. If you are a good dancer, you may do it in the clips you make. So, it is always up to you what suits you the best with your personality, goals, and audiences. 

This is how all your daily videos and clips may end up being something very different; however, they might all do the same thing, and this is: bringing people back to you. 

  • Always use new and latest TikTok features:

latest TikTok features

Whenever TikTok comes up with new features, use them. This tip is to imply for all the social media channels. Anytime you see some new features, TikTok will push your videos and other generated content out even more, which ultimately helps you reach out to more audiences and your targeted people. 

  • Participate in TikTok trends:

Always participate in the new and trending trend you see on the ‘For You’ page. This is how you will know when something is trending if you keep checking the same type of content over and over when you scroll through the videos available on the ‘For You’ page. The factor that makes it trending is that every other user is doing the same. You also always have an opportunity on the trend and may put your spin on it to match your particular niche. 

Pro tip: When you eventually put your own spin on it, you may then change the endings. In order to go viral on the platform, you always need to bring new ideas and give people a reason to keep watching your content and clips over and over again. However, putting your stamp on the ending of the clips is one way to do that. 

  • Kickstart your own tends on TikTok:

You may also start trying your own new trends that nobody ever tried and thought of before, like your own dancing clips, audios, and whatever else suits you the best. Initiate this hoping that people will pick up your trends and copy them while making their videos.

However, if you are lucky enough to have some big creators pick it up, they will start tagging you, which could lead to millions of people doing and following the same trend and tagging you in their clips. This is how the next thing you’ll know is, you are TikTok famous. 

  • Go live regularly on TikTok:

If you are a TikTok user, you must be familiar with that TikTok live option is available to accounts with at least 1000 followers. So, if you are also someone with this access, go live regularly. Because live streaming is something that gives you an opportunity to connect with your TikTok community. You may also have a back-and-forth talk with viewers and followers, which is something you can absolutely not do with your regular clips. 

Before you would hit your ‘Live’ button, create a video and share it in your profile first and then go live because live stream visibility can help you boost and enhance your video views. So, try to engage with your followers more and more to interact with you directly. 

  • Create video series: 

Create video series

Create a complete series of videos on TikTok that perfectly tie in your expertise and also attract and appeal enough to your targeted audience. However, if you are a professional organizer, then your first 15-seconds video will show people how can they organize their homes.

By keeping it as part one of the series, there will be a reason for people to come back to your videos to watch the second part. Also, if someone happens to come to watch the third part of the video, they will always have a reason to go back to watch your first and the second part of the videos. This is how the more people watch your videos, the more you end up having more followers. 

  • Create stitchable content:

Focus on creating content on TikTok that lends itself to being stitched later. Are you wondering is what does this mean? You make videos, and then a creator takes a bite-sized piece of it and also adds their content to the end. 

For instance, you may ask your viewers in one of the videos, “Tell me you are a small business owner without telling me directly that you are a small business owner.” This is how someone will take the first part of your videos and then add their content to it. This way, the new video will be visible on their TikTok page. 

  • Use the right hashtags:

Choosing the right hashtags on TikTok for your specific videos and targeting the right people is very crucial for all the content creators out there. Always make sure to incorporate the hashtags with at least 300,000 and one million views and followers because if you opt to use the hashtags with billions of views, your content will get lost this way. 

  • Duet viral videos:

Do a thorough duet to your TikTok videos that are already viral. This is because people like to see reactions to the most viral videos and clips. Try to do it various times, and you will end up having more engagements and views on your account. 

  • Repurpose TikTok content on Instagram & Facebook:

Focus on repurposing your content on other social platforms as well, like Instagram and Facebook. When the audience sees and enjoys your videos outside TikTok, they will always have a reason to seek you out on the platform. This is how you will get more possible followers and views on your videos.  

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