How to Get Your Videos Discovered on Youtube?

Are you someone who takes YouTube marketing as a part of your regular marketing plan? Or are you someone who wants more and more people to find and watch your YouTube videos?

Jul 01, 2022 Youtube Marketing
How to Get Your Videos Discovered on Youtube?

Are you someone who takes YouTube marketing as a part of your regular marketing plan? Or are you someone who wants more and more people to find and watch your YouTube videos? In either way, if you want to explore more about getting your videos discovered on the platform, this article will help you in this regard.

We will also have a brief look at the factors that helps you increase the likelihood that your videos will become discoverable on the platform. Also, you will find out about how to improve your YouTube audience retention. So, let’s have a look into detail: 

Why do marketers need to take a second look at YouTube? 

One of the most significant reasons that make marketers consider YouTube is the search visibility. We all know that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, owned by Google, which we all know is the world’s largest search engine.

When people search for the results on Google, more YouTube content pops up in the results, along with the text-based articles and blog posts, which is absolutely excellent. However, on the other hand, if you do not make content that can rank you on the world’s largest search engine, then that is a big missed opportunity for sure. 

Let’s know more about YouTube’s audience!

about YouTubes audience

One of the most common pushbacks that most people wonder about YouTube is that it is the platform that is so saturated, and people think it might be too hard for them to get in or whether it is still worth making the efforts. 

According to one report, around more than two billion active users log into YouTube every month, which is up 5% from nine months ago. This is the audience that does not passively go to their platforms; however, they actively subscribe and follow channels, commenting and watching content and also engaging. 

Moreover, YouTube has also reached more U.S. consumers between 18 to 49 years in an average well as compared to all other cable TV networks combined together. This is the audience that spends more than 250 million hours every day watching the various YouTube videos. This is pretty close to 39% more than this time last year. 

How does YouTube differ from Google? 

There are many people who assume it because Google owns YouTube; however, both of them probably follow the same kind of principles and rules. This is somehow true to some extent, but they are totally different platforms. The strategies and keywords that work on Google will not necessarily work on YouTube as well to grow your channel. 

There may be some account links at the top of the page on Google’s homepage, but mostly, it is a blank page along with the search box in the middle. However, Google wants to deliver the results that clear your questions briefly on their page or move you to a site that may give you more in-depth answers and somewhere you can briefly understand stuff. 

How are videos discovered on YouTube? 

videos discovered on YouTube

There are various ways that you may use to make your videos discovered on YouTube, such as: 

  • Browsing content and also going from one suggested video to the next one 
  • Searching for the new channels through various video collaborations 
  • Searching for the content 
  • Watch the suggested videos on your YouTube homepage 
  • Watching playlists and then discovering related videos in those playlists 

Suppose you also want YouTube video views to recommend your videos to the users. In that case, you need to help the platform accomplish its goals of getting people back to YouTube, making more people watch your content which ultimately holds more viewers’ attention for a longer time. Also, YouTube wants users to engage with as many clips and videos as possible, subscribe to as many channels as they want, and see as many ads as they can, which is exactly what they are all about. 

Create engaging videos that bring people back to YouTube!

The videos that YouTube puts on the homepage have broader appeal, but this is also influenced by what your viewers are watching. For example, you are a user who spends almost half an hour watching new and latest trending videos from the Social Media Examiner.

This is how Google postulates that you are ultimately on a large Social Media Examiner kick; therefore, will put more videos from the channel on your homepage every single time you come back to the platform to watch something. Moreover, suggested videos you see on the homepage are mostly influenced by the days you watch certain kinds of videos. 

Being a channel owner or YouTube marketer, you can always use this feature to benefit your channels by following the proper posting schedule. Because consistent production of videos on a certain day and time can be a super incentive if you want to bring people back to your channels to check and watch your other videos as well.

And this is how you may discover your regular audience who never wants to miss your videos. Also, if YouTube can conclude that’s a factor they are coming back to your channel, your videos stand a better chance of appearing up as the suggested content on the homepage. 

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